J Ma

J’ Ma was born in Taiwan and migrated to Australia when she was 14 where she finished her studies in Business and Finance. Since then she has worked in different finance sectors for over 10 years – such as banks; credit unions in the lending area from mortgages to settlements; finance companies and vehicle dealerships arranging finance and insurance / loan protection for commercial and consumer loans. With all her positions being strongly focused on customer service, she has developed an exceptional understanding for her clients and provides first class customer centered service. J’ Ma is now to embrace a new chapter in her career of Real Estate with Auspro Properties.

J’ Ma is a dedicated and highly motivated individual with a reputation for consistently going beyond what is required while using exceptionally high standards to achieve results. Her experience in finance, communication skills, and attention to detail demonstrate an ability to satisfy client needs that build rewarding business relationships and close deals.

She is a professional, confident, warm-hearted person who is able to relate with a broad range of people. With strong Taiwanese roots and family values, this is what sets J’ Ma apart from others in the industry. She believes that honesty and integrity are the golden standards in business. She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

phone_icon  0411 309 160
mail_icon j.ma@ausproproperties.com.au